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In recent years, the Principality of Andorra has experienced a significant process of change that has allowed it stop being considered a tax haven.

On the one hand, the current foreign investment law allows people not resident in Andorra be shareholders of up to 100% of an Andorran company and let a foreign individual investor acquire property in Andorra without the former investment limits.

Moreover, Andorra has implemented a tax system similar to the neighbouring countries and comparable with them, but with lower tax rates, 10% overall, although with some special regimes that may lead to an effective taxation of 2% or even of 0% in some cases.

In addition to the low taxes, Andorra has signed Treaties to avoid double taxation with several countries and it continues working towards having a larger network, since they are an essential tool for international tax planning.

All this makes Andorra a tax competitive jurisdiction and attractive in order to make investments and / or set up businesses.

We offer the services of professionals who will inform you properly and will carry out the necessary administrative steps:

In the corporate scope:

  • Process to obtain a foreign investment authorisation
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Opening a business
  • Accounting services and preparation and submission of Financial Statements
  • Completion and submission of tax returns: Corporate Income Tax, IGI declarations (similar to IVA but with a general rate of 4,5%), etc...

And in the individual scope:

  • Process to obtain the residence in Andorra in any of the ways of active or passive residence
  • Tax returns: income tax, etc ...

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