Home Staging Andorra: Accelerates the sale of your home in Casanova
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The homestaging or how to accelerate the sale of a home with a good set-up

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“Small changes sometimes mean big differences”, a phrase that fits perfectly with the definition of the concept of home staging. Before selling or renting a home, a multitude of factors come into play in which the conditioning of the home has recently been included, with results that show a significant increase in real estate transactions. This tendency to acclimatize the interior of homes is not an economically expensive process. In fact, many individuals have started using this technique, changing furniture details or redistributing it, drawing the attention of potential buyers with a more attractive image.

Currently, real estate companies and families have begun to invest in home stanging services, using up to 5% of the budget to condition the home. The real estate market is in constant evolution and, therefore, achieve differentiation from the competition is key to increase the number of sales or rentals of real estate. That is why experts in homestaging dedicate their efforts to take care of the aesthetic presentation of the home, especially if we take into account that nowadays the internet and social networks are used to exploit the first contact between the client and the home.

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What tricks do home staging experts use to improve the image of real estate?

Through the different diffusion channels, using the home staging technique will automatically improve visits to the real estate website and even revalue the price of the home. In fact, being a concept imported from the USA, in Spain it has gained followers in recent years until it becomes a technique used by 53% of individuals and by 38% of real estate agents. Thus, with the publication of images showing an aesthetically improved appearance of the passenger compartment, the time of sale or rental of a property can be reduced by half.

And what are the techniques used by professionals in home staging? In the first place, the essential thing to keep in mind is to maintain a correct cleaning and organization of the space, optimizing the entrance of natural light, repainting the surface with greater wear, depersonalizing the rooms and providing them with modern decorative details. In this way, and having already agreed to a visit with the client, the home staging also uses olfactory resources such as incense, scented candles or air fresheners with the aim of brightening the atmosphere of the home, giving it aromas that give the feeling of 'home' , and consequently, attract the customer.

In this sense, there are two areas in which the resources of home staging are mainly exploited: the bathroom and the kitchen. In the first case it is usually recurrent to use enameled vinyls or an adhesive coating on the tiles to form bright mosaics, with which one gains in cleanliness and aesthetics. For its part, in the kitchen the experts advise to depersonalize the space with the objective that the client can obtain a clearer vision, seeing himself living there. Some of the tricks that can be used at a particular level, for example, is painting the tiles and softening the wood of the furniture with white tones, transmitting more light and elegance to the home.

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Home staging in Andorra, a growing real estate marketing technique

There is no doubt that the concept of home staging has been definitively established in our society, and Andorra is a clear example of using this technique as a real estate marketing tool. In fact, Casanova is one of the real estate Andorra companies that we use this type of strategy, which can be checked perfectly in any of the photographs of our properties offered. In this way, customers obtain a better profitability with a reduced time frame and an investment, from a basic service in which photo retouching is included, to a complete remodeling of the interior decoration.

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