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Sell apartment in Encamp with Casanova Real estate

Sell apartment in Encamp

The privileged geographical situation of Encamp, at 1300 meters high, with a pleasant climate and in the heart of the Principality of Andorra, makes this parish a truly attractive option for those interested in settling in this demarcation of the Principality.

Within 10 minutes of the capital, close to all the points of interest of the rest of the country and far from the hustle and bustle, the parish is surrounded by nature, making this region an ideal place for lovers of tranquility, without having to give up any basic service.

Within the limits of the parish of Encamp, we have 5 populations: Encamp, Tremat, Mosquera, Les Bons i Vila, the latter being the one that is more remote from the main nucleus. At the east end of the parish, we will find El Pas de la Casa, the only area in the Atlantic slope country and a border point with France.

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Advantages to sell an apartment in Encamp.

The perfect location of Encamp, because of its breadth and content, makes it easier for those interested to sell their apartment or house in this town. In the property market of Andorra, we can find a wide range of buildings, houses and flats for sale. Now, the possibilities offered by Encamp allow us to highlight different features as exceptional.

The tourist offer that Andorra offers throughout the year, is an attraction that all parishes participate and take advantage of, including, of course, the parish of Encamp.

In this sense, the tourist and cultural offer proposed by the parish is most complete, since among its qualities it is worth highlighting the mix between the modern and traditional city. In this way we can find Romanesque buildings near new buildings.

The natural environment of the population provides the feeling of tranquility that many people seek to obtain a property in Andorra. Opening windows and feeding with spectacular views of the mountain is a privilege sought by many buyers.

In short, Encamp is a place where we can find all the necessary services almost without having to move. It is the ideal setting for those who seek culture, gastronomy, nature and sports. The jewel of the crown of the parish, we could say that it is El Pas de la Casa, an important commercial area where a large number of tourists and commercial offers are concentrated. But what attracts most of this border town with France, undoubtedly, is its skiable domains, since it has the tracks of the Pas de la Casa-Grau Roig, integrated into the domain of Grandvalira, being a reference point in the world of skiing. The connection from the town of Encamp to the town of Pas de la Casa can be done by means of a cable car called Funicamp.

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When you sell an apartment in Encamp with Casanova Real Estate, we will provide you with all the legal and tax information so that you can benefit from all its advantages. In addition, we will make the entire sales process as flexible as possible because the transaction does not involve any headache or prolonged over time.

Also worth noting is the reduced rate of taxes established by Andorran law for real estate transactions, which favor the purchase and sale of properties by individuals and investors. Fact that motivates buyers when deciding to take the step.

Do not forget to take a look at our portal, where you will discover all the possibilities to sell an apartment or house in Encamp.

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